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Unmatched Quality

We have tie ups with the best manufacturers in the country thus ensuring the best qualities possible. Our installations are value for money with long lifecycles and low maintenance.

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Customised Integrations

We understand that no 2 installations are exactly the same. We know how all equipment integrate together so as to provide customized solutions based on specific needs and requirements.

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We take care of maintenance and serviceability issues. Our experts will help you out with operations and maintenance. We are just a call away.

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Who We Are

Ram Swarup Traders Pvt. Ltd., based in Ledo (Assam) is a consultancy and trading house. We are focused on Waste Water Treatment, Daylighting and Sanitation (e-Toilet) solutions. We have been in operations for more than 5 years serving over 500 clients across industries.
Being established in 2013, RSTPL has always strived towards building a greener tomorrow. With a high standard of reliability and quality, we have been able to gain the trust of our clients and in the process grow multifolds. Our team of highly skilled and motivated members work together to deliver the best quality of products and services along with amazing customer experience and satisfaction. We have partnered with some of the best and most innovative manufacturers across the country to make sure we always stay a step ahead of others and continue serving our clients with most innovative and best possible solutions available. Our focus on cutting edge technology, innovation and a streamlined workflow has made us the favourites for the job.
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Our Services

 Waste Water Treatment


Wastewater treatment is a process used to convert wastewater into an effluent that can be returned to the water cycle with minimum impact on the environment, or directly reused. It uses physical, biological and in some cases chemical processes to get rid of the pollutants in order to produce environmentally safe water fit for disposal or reuse. We use various types of plants with different effluent treatment technologies to to achieve this goal.
  1. Chemical Based Plants
  2. Non-chemical Based Plants
  3. Reed Based Plants
  4. Modified MBR Technology Based Plants
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Daylighting Systems


Daylighting systems captures light from the Sun and channels it into the building with the aim of providing effective lighting inside the building. This reduces energy consumption and improves visual comfort. Our solutions convert dark rooms into mesmerising spaces with natural light. We are authorised channel partners for Skyshade’s daylighting systems and have over 250 installations to our credit. We install the systems in very short period of time, with no structural changes required to the building. Our solutions saves electricity and creates more beautiful homes and offices.
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Our Clients Love Us

Our Clients