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Unique Solutions

RSTPL’s peerless portfolio offers you environment friendly and green solutions in Waste Water Treatment, Daylighting, Waste Management and Sanitation. Our installations are value for money with long life cycles and low maintenance.

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Customised integrations

RSTPL understands no two installations are the same. Our experience team is trained to provide customized solutions based on specific site needs and industry requirements.

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RSTPL is just a call away. Our experts will help you across the operations and maintenance cycle.

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Who we are?

RSTPL is are a consultancy and trading house and are focused on Waste Water Treatment, Daylighting, Waste Management and Sanitation solutions. With an existence of over five years, we have already served 300+ clients.
Based in Ledo (Assam, India), RSTPL serve clients across geography. We envisioned marketing green focused innovative solutions sourced from our global technology partners to help institutions work in clean and healthy environment. Our solutions are backed by in depth research and RSTPL is managed by qualified, resourceful and creative personnel with over three decades of experience in the industry
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Our expertise

 Waste Water Solutions


A major challenge today for municipalities and district administrations across is the efficient management of Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP).

RSTPL understands the effective design (backed by research and feedbacks of clients) for Effluent Treatment Plants (ETPs) and Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs).

With an installation experience of 100+ mid- and small- size effluent treatment plants, we can assure you of our serviceability backed by research hub, Dhara Biotech (Gujarat, India).

Our portfolio offers a range of effluent treatment solutions including:

Membrane based treatment

Chemical based treatment

Electro-coagulation based treatment

Reed bed based treatment

Other offerings in the vertical includes:

Enzyme based process for in-line digestion of waste water management

Grease Traps/Grease Interceptors

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Daylighting Solutions


45% of the solar emission reaching earth is in the form of light. Daylighting is using this light energy to light up buildings for 8-10 hours during daytime.

Daylighting reduces energy consumption, provides visual comfort and also have a positive impact on the health and well-being of individuals.

Our solution converts dark areas into mesmerizing spaces with natural light with an adequate lux level. We install the systems in short time with no structural changes required to the building.

With over 300+ installations of Daylighting Systems to our credit in Assam of award winning Skyshade’s LightPipe, Norikool ADS and ANSHU Daylighting sytem, we can assure you of serviceability and commitment.

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